Our ethos

We are located on the North Devon coast on the shores of the Taw and Torridge estuary.  Situated on the site of the old Watertown Farm, the buildings have been developed and added to; incorporating the elder 1705 stonework into the purpose built residential facilities.

Our philosophy is simple.  We want all of our guests to have fun and adventure, to learn something new and enjoy themselves safely.

• Adventure - comes from daring enterprise and exploring new limits

• Enjoyment - comes through the extensive range of exciting activities

• Learning - comes through the whole experience of challenge

• Safety - comes from the excellent staff and equipment together with tried and well established procedures

At Skern everyone has a real commitment to personal service.  We try to ensure that each guest receives individual attention in a relaxed, supportive and challenging environment.  Our aim is also simple; we strive to provide excellence throughout all our courses and services.   This we do through the dedicated team working at Skern Lodge.