Like all our courses at Skern Lodge, the outdoor activities are used as a tool to gain development and learning.  Our programmes for schools are no different.  You let us know your requirements and we will design and tailor an activity day or residential to fulfil your needs.

Undertaking an activity at Skern Lodge means a lot more than fun and adventure.

The Skern environment is ideal for developing children’s personal and social skills. Team building, problem solving and communication, combined with the range of exciting activities, gives young people the best experience they can have.  Add the residential aspect to this and their time spent living and working together enhances their development even further.  Skills not only valuable in the classroom, playground and on the sports field, but also in the workplace in the future. 

Choosing the best time for your residential is essential to how you and your pupils apply the learning to help broaden their horizon and impact on their future life choices and lifestyles.

Autumn / winter residentials – Attending at this time of year allows for time for learning and development to be embedded back in the classroom.  It also can foster deeper relationships which are sustained back in school – relationships between staff and students become more trusting and respectful.  Students get to know teachers as individuals; staff gain a better understanding of their students and how to respond to them which can benefit throughout the rest of the school year.  So the sooner the teachers know their pupils and ‘set them up for success’ the better, and a Skern residential can play a crucial role in achieving this.

Spring / summer residentials – Preparing for those next steps, whether it’s a SAT’s test, transition to a new school or GCSE subject choices. Children face new challenges throughout their academic life. A Skern Lodge residential helps them to build confidence and character, whilst spending time away from home not only develops their self-reliance, but also their social and emotional awareness.  Providing them with the skills to face those future challenges.

Whatever the time of year, a day or residential experience at Skern Lodge can help increase their motivation and their appetite for learning, along with improving their and your, health and wellbeing.

Interested in what we can offer your pupils - get in contact to arrange a visit or call 01237 475992.

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