The Centre

Exciting and fun activities are for many the main reason why they come to Skern Lodge, but your stay with us is carefully planned to ensure that all your basic needs are met.  With comfortable accommodation and healthy, tasty meals, we ensure that each day you will get up with the energy you require to get the most from your stay.

The Accommodation

When Skern moved from its original site at Diddywell in 1982; it took over the buildings and land of Watertown Farm which was established in 1705.  Over the years the old buildings have been developed and new ones added to form todays centre.

The Lodge is a comfortable and practical centre and our accommodation reflects this.  There are three separate accommodation areas, all with central heating, plenty of showers and comfy beds.  Many of the rooms have expansive views across Northam Burrows and over the water.  All the rooms have warm bedding and are made up ready for you.  And of course staff and group leaders have their own en-suite room near their party group.

The Facilities
Along with the accommodation, the centre has plenty of meeting rooms, classrooms and social areas.  Drying rooms are provided for each accommodation area and there is plenty of outdoor space to relax or run around within.  A computer suite is also available for internet access or for analysing data following fieldwork.  For adult groups staying at the centre there is a bar available and for our younger guests there is the Skern shop for all their memorabilia.  Added to all this, a heated outdoor swimming pool completes the complex.
Summit meeting room
The shop
Camping at Skern
The swimming pool
You can see more photos of the accommodation and facilities here.
The Environment
We have worked hard over the past 40 years to ensure that our impact on the environments and locations we use are kept to a minimum.  Many of our activity locations are in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and keeping them this way is a continual priority of Skern Lodge.  Litter and erosion are key factors that we take into consideration when working in these remote locations and educating others about their impact can have lasting effects beyond their stay with us.

Back on site, we accommodate for over 200 people at one time, as well as the option of attending on a daily basis.  We see over 10,000 people come through the door every year, with an average of 150 people per day that need at least one shower, toilet facilities, clean bedding, transportation, healthy feeding and watering.  Therefore we try and reduce our impact in many ways.  Whether it's the environmentally friendly cleaning materials, our investment in solar heating and solar power or buying locally produced or sourced food where possible.

At Skern Lodge we try and recycle as much as we can and encourage our guests to do the same.  With plenty of recycling bins for plastic, cans and paper along with weekly collections for cardboard and glass, our waste reduction has improved year on year.

With 22 acres of land we also have a wide diversity of wildlife living and visiting the site.  From flocks of curlews feeding in the front fields, swallows nesting in the eaves to many species of lichen growing on the stone walls.  Working with the North Devon Wildlife Trust we have been able to increase the biodiversity of the wildlife within the grounds and provide safe havens for plants and animals to thrive.

Skern is not just a place for now, but with sustainability on site and at our activity locations, Skern is a place for the future.

The Catering
The dining facility seating 110 is at the heart of the centre, doing justice to our excellent catering.  We take great pride in providing (probably!) the best food in our industry - great variety, fresh, local options and served by an outstanding team with care and good humour.  Any dietary requirements can be catered for and there are plenty of healthy options.
The dining room
Bex - Catering Manager
Inside the dining room

We are prepared for all allergies and dietary concerns - find out more here >>>

Menus are tailored to the clients staying with us each week.  For corporate groups later meal times are arranged to fit in with a busy programme.  For those who require, waited service can be quoted for.  Whatever you choose, you will not go hungry.