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Who's it for?

New courses written to satisfy the requirements for the new specification, these programmes are for students undertaking a Geography A Level with the intention of capturing primary data for their Independent Investigation.  Students are required to experience 4 days of quality fieldwork at A Level, all of which can be accomplished during a visit to Skern Lodge; students can then use primary data sampled at any of the locations to inform their own Independent Investigation.  Students work collaboratively to explore the scope and focus of an enquiry as well as sample their data in small groups, but will work independently to present and analyse their own data. Skern Lodge tutors will lead investigation workshops designed to up-skill students in sampling strategy techniques, data presentation, statistical analysis, and advice on how to write conclusions and evaluate a fieldwork enquiry.

Other examining bodies are covered, please get in contact to discuss your particular board requirements.
Please contact us for further information and to discuss the opportunities to suit your requirements. Sarah or Tom will call or email you as soon as they can.

Sarah Thomas
Programme Manager

Tom Humphreys
Field Studies Course Manager