Active Revision Breaks
Boost your students potential with an intensive active revision break.
Provide the right stimulation for students to raise their grades.  Break up each day of study with a morning or afternoon or evening of activities.
  • Classrooms available for your structured and focused revision sessions
  • Complemented with stimulating activities to refresh those brain cells
Classroom session
Surfing with Skern Lodge
  • When do they run? Weekends from January to mid May and during the Easter Holidays
  • How Long? You can choose from 1, 2, 3 or 4 nights stay
  • What activities could we do? Choose from a wide selection of water and land based activities

How much does it cost?

£49 + VAT per person per night


All food and accommodation

1 activity per day

Extra activities can be added at £17 + VAT per person

·        Mix structured revision sessions with exciting and engaging activities to help anchor learning

·        Take away the distractions of school and home to enable students to really focus on the topics that matter

·        Add value with the activities by incorporating a leadership and teamwork focus, this will allow students to learn the soft skills now becoming essential for work and university

·        Helps to ensure absolute focus on your teaching to turn the D’s into C’s and the B’s into A’s

·        Full classroom teaching facilities available for the revision sessions

·        Choose a single subject, or bring a range of teaching staff to offer revision workshops

·        Three meals are provided within a 24 hour period. Your first or last meals could be breakfast, packed lunch or dinner depending on your arrival or departure times.