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Let Skern Lodge guide you in the right direction on your new career path with our Apprentice learning programmes

Starting out on a new career can be challenging and daunting both for the employee and the employer.  Use your time at Skern Lodge to provide opportunities to embed the ethos and culture of your company, developing a solid work ethic and commitment to learning.  Our philosophy and approach helps to build self discipline, responsibility and improved self confidence.  By providing the initial direction and structure, apprentices return with clear focus and a solid starting point for their career development.


Using outdoor activities as a tool to highlight and discuss a range of group and interpersonal skills, apprentices are provided with challenges that develop teamwork, problem solving and communication.  For younger apprentices our programmes help to improve the move from school to work, whilst older apprentices are guided through their latest life transition.

Bespoke programme design assures the course works towards your desired outcomes.  Our experienced tutors then deliver a programme that works within this framework, but is flexible enough to deal with the unexpected issues that arise when individuals are challenged in a supportive environment.

Activities for apprenticeships programmes

Activities are suitable for beginners.  Your programme can allow for all different fitness levels, ages and abilities.  There will be clear explanations and encouragement to do the activities, but each participant makes the final decision on how much they do.  The aims of the programme are more important than the activities.

On development courses, many of the events involve set piece problem solving exercises and longer projects which make use of the team-based assault course, archery, the high ropes course, abseiling and coastal traversing, river kayaking, rafting, raft building and tunnels.  Evening sessions are designed around your needs and can include both indoor outdoor activities that focus upon various elements of team and interpersonal skills.  These can include presentation skills, communication workshops, overnight expeditions or search and rescue exercises.

The creative way these projects are designed provides many learning opportunities.  Real issues arise and constraints are felt.  Decisions are made and the consequences clear to see.

If a week out of your training programme is too much, then our day focused upon team building will suit your time constraints more. We can come to you and bring our experience and resources to deliver a high quality day of team development. Give us a call to discuss your requirements. 01237 475992