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Inspiring days and stays  

Time spent away together can provide valuable space to think about your work with a different perspective.  A shared experience in a stimulating and motivational environment can be hugely beneficial at any time, but particularly when a new team comes together for the first time, or the business is going through a period of transition.


Whatever the aim, Skern welcomes the challenge of designing and delivering the right course for you.
Whether based from the Skern residential centre or another preferred location, we ensure a consistent and professional approach throughout.

We have delivered may different courses, in many different locations for many different reasons - we welcome our next challenge.  Please contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements. 


How we use outdoor activities within our company development programmes

Activities are suitable for beginners.  Your programme can allow for all different fitness levels, ages and abilities.  There will be clear explanations and encouragement to do the activities, but each participant makes the final decision on how much they do.  The aims of the programme are more important than the activities.

On development courses, many of the events are set piece problem solving exercises, and longer projects which make use of the team-based assault course, archery, the high ropes course and abseil.  The creative way these projects are designed provides many learning opportunities.  Real issues arise and constraints are felt.  Decisions are made and the consequences clear to see.

High quality, modern equipment is all provided – you only need to bring personal clothing, we’ll take care of the rest.

Not all Skern programmes use the outdoors, but we aim to bring a similar approach and energy to your indoor events, in a different way.

With options to stay at the Centre or locally, we have plenty of opportunities to meet your current or future needs.  Email or call us to discuss your requirements further.